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Age of Union: Igniting the Changemaker
Hardcover Artbook Edition with Slipcover


Dax Dasilva, shares a compelling guide for igniting the changemaker in his debut book, Age of Union, now available in a hardcover Artbook edition. Penning his journey of individual realization, Dasilva challenges others to look both inward and outward to find purpose in collectively contributing to a better tomorrow.

The book is released in a hardcover Artbook edition with works of art from: Neil Krug (Los Angeles), Benoît Paillé (Montreal), Bradley G Munkowitz (San Francisco), Florence Yee (Montreal / Toronto), Jonathan Zawada (Los Angeles), Julie Roch- Cuerrier (Montreal), Nik Mirus (Montreal), Refik Anadol (Istanbul), and Tess Roby (Toronto). The art is curated by Jean- Sébastien Baillat, Creative Director at Baillat Studio in Montreal.

Hardcover: 210 pages
Publisher: Anteism Books; 1 edition (November 12 2019)
Language: English
ISBN: 978-1-926968-49-0
Product Dimensions: 20.3 x 3.3 x 27.9 cm


Grounded in four pillars—leadership, culture, spirituality, and nature—Age of Union advocates that the time for change is now and that our choices are the catalyst.

We have seen growing divisions between people on either side of gender, religious, political, and cultural borders. Meanwhile, human-accelerated climate change and environmental degradation pose challenges to our future. Dasilva highlights the importance of facing these challenges quickly and cooperatively. By confronting separation head on through meaningful individual acts, we will be able to achieve what Dasilva calls unseparation, a united front across all people, cultures, and living things.

Dasilva calls on his experience from developing two significant organizations. First, as the Founder and CEO of Lightspeed, a leading technology company built on the premise of inclusivity and diversity, which offers one of the most powerful cloud-based commerce platforms in the world, and was recognized as one of Canada’s top 10 technology IPOs on the Toronto Stock Exchange with its public offering in March 2019. Second, he also founded Never Apart in 2015, a not-for- profit centre that is determined to bring about social change and unity through cultural programming with global reach and impact.

“Age of Union began with my plans to open Never Apart where I could use my experience to inspire others and fuel unity across humanity, society, and nature,” says Dasilva. “With the words of this book, I hope to provide today’s changemakers with the tools they need to pave the path to a new age of connectedness that safeguards our world and all living things within it.”

Four Pillars set the foundation for Age of Union

Leadership: unlocks the potential for individuals to be agents of change in ways both large and small
Culture: harnesses the potential of identity, diversity, and expression, to unify and share awareness among people.

Spirituality: supplies the understanding of the oneness of all things, and the faith and strength to act for transformation
Nature: helps to think beyond the familiarity of personal human experience on this planet, and to value and protect that which is wild and unknown.

To further guide readers and communicate individual impact, Dasilva concludes the book by listing 40 specific acts of union that will spark a better tomorrow.
Dax Dasilva is the creative mind behind Lightspeed, Never Apart, and Age of Union. Founded in 2005, Lightspeed develops a cloud commerce platform used by retail and restaurant customers in over a hundred countries. The company’s mission is to bring cities and communities to life by powering independent business.

In 2015 Dasilva also founded Never Apart, a cultural non-profit determined to bring about positive social change and unity through original programming with global reach and impact. Housed in Lightspeed’s former offices, Never Apart cultivates a diverse following and has welcomed thousands into its 12,000-square-foot space. Helping entrepreneurs become leaders in their communities through Lightspeed’s technology and elevating artists through his work at Never Apart are fundamental to Dasilva’s philosophy. He fosters cultures of innovation, promotes diverse leadership, and values different viewpoints.

With Age of Union, Dasilva brings leadership, spirituality and environmental guardianship together with themes of identity, diversity, cultural expression, and individual empowerment to ignite the impactful changemakers that the world needs now.
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